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Let your goals brew

Lauren McMullen from Albuquerque, New Mexico is a beertender at a local military themed brewery where she is learning more about one of her dreams which is to own her own brewery. Lauren has enlist in the Air National Guard and will be leaving soon for trainning. She will soon be launching a blog called Chaotic Freedom so great ready because she will be inspirer you to find your greatest passions and find a positive balance in life and still chase dreams

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Warrior through the Seasons

Diana is a warrior she have been able to overcome childhood sexual abuse, generalized anxiety, an eating disorder, and lastly postpartum depression. Throughout all her battles she has been tested and had to learn to love and embrace herself in spite of the external situation. Diana knew that she had to find a way to the other side. Obviously it wasn’t easy but she has this internal fight to fight for herself. 

Felicia also shares how she has been through a rough season and how her warrior has come out to fight for herself. 


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Yennhi Hoang is a incredible wonder woman. She saw something and went for it. She has a golden heart to help others and couple find something they might have not seen. Yennhi is also continuing her life's journey, and knows she is exactly where she is suppose to be.

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Rebecca VanDolzer Roses is a amazing wonder momma of 3. Experience her passionate journey of her pregnancies, and how she started a non profit to help young women with same experiences or going thew something similar.  

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